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Amethyst Learning-Resilience


Stone the rhino lived in a huge enclosure with many strong, fast and powerful rhinos. The rhinos loved to charge at each other to prove who was the strongest and spent all day trying to become the best. The rhinos would boast and challenge each other to a battle. Stone would never accept a battle, he didn’t see the point of hurting another rhino just to prove he was the best.

Stone thought there was more to a rhino’s life than just charging at other rhinos. He wanted to be free of the enclosure and see the world. Instead of charging at the other rhinos, he wanted to charge at the horizon and see where it would take him. But he would have to break through the fence surrounding the enclosure first. Stone was teased by the other rhinos for never accepting a battle and they called him weak.

One day, Stone was staring hard at the fence and the horizon beyond. He was determined to find a way of breaking free and seeing the world. As he stared hard at the fence, he could see something purple glowing on the other side. It looked like two precious jewels and Stone was desperate to get to them before the other rhinos. ‘That fence will be a challenge to break through’ he thought to himself ‘but if I can break free, those amethysts will be waiting for me on the other side. I don’t have to charge at another rhino to rise to a challenge, I’ll charge at this fence instead’.

Stone stepped back to the opposite side of the enclosure and put his head down with his horn facing toward the fence and the amethysts. He began his charge towards them both, getting quicker with each step and staying on target. He hit the fence with a thunderous charge but it was not enough to break through. His horns were hurt and the fence was only slightly cracked, but the amethysts had disappeared. As the dust settled, Stone began to glow purple like the amethysts he had seen and then he returned to grey. Stone was disappointed he had not broken free but he felt stronger than he had before as though the amethysts had given him strength.

The other rhinos teased Stone for not breaking through and hurting himself. ‘That’s because you don’t battle like us strong rhinos, you’re too weak to charge through a fence’ they boasted. Stone was angry the other rhinos didn’t believe in him and were teasing him for not joining in with their battles. He could have easily turned on the rhinos and charged at them but he knew trying to hurt them would not prove anything; he would also damage his horns even further and it may never heal. As Stone walked away from the rhinos’ teasing, he started to glow purple again as though the amethysts were reminding him he was doing the right thing by ignoring their teasing and letting his horns get better again.

Over the next few days, the rhino’s continued to charge at each other and have their battles. Stone allowed his horn to heal. Even though he was tempted to charge at the fence again now that he had weakened it, he didn’t want to hurt himself even more if he wasn’t completely healed. The following day, Stone felt ready to charge again. When he woke that morning, he was glowing purple again as though he had gained an amethyst in his sleep and it was reminding him that he had been kind to himself by letting his horns heal.

Stone went back to the starting point for his charge with his head down again, facing his target. In another cloud of dust, Stone charged at the crack in the fence in the hope that it would finally break if he was more powerful this time. With a loud crash and a cloud of sand exploding in the air, Stone had finally broken free and he felt stronger than ever. Stone had burst through the fence and left a giant hole behind him. As the dust settled, Stone could see another purple amethyst glowing on the sunlit horizon where the rest of the world was waiting for him to explore. The other rhinos looked on in amazement through the hole in the fence. Stone wanted them to join him and be free but they were too scared to leave their enclosure - charging at each other was all they knew about trying to be a strong rhino. Trying something new in a big wide world was too scary.

‘They’re not ready to be resilient’ thought Stone ‘and maybe I need to show others what resilience means. I’m going to get that amethyst on the horizon to remind me that I have stepped out of my comfort zone.’ Stone charged off into the horizon and collected another amethyst. He turned purple again but this time he transformed from a rhino into a human. His body was strong and his hair was bright blue. Stone kept the horns on his head as a reminder of how strong he had become from his resilience. He felt like a rhino and a superhero all in one. Each amethyst Stone had found was a reminder:

  1.  That he had risen to the challenge of breaking through his enclosure.
  2.  Had been mindful of others by not letting their teasing stop him.
  3. Had been kind to himself by letting his horns heal before trying to charge again
  4. That he had stepped outside of his comfort zone and used a skill all rhinos are born with to achieve something else.

Stone was keen to share the power of resilience with others and the first place he started was a school in Didcot known as Willowcroft...