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Geography LEAP Curriculum



 Topics include dilemma based questions; encouraging the children to develop their language, experiences, amethyst skills and belief that they have the power to affect change. The children will develop their skills of geographical enquiry, direction and location, map production and use, as well as looking at human and physical geography and learning geographical facts about our planet.




At the heart of geography is the desire to find out about other places and ask important questions. The children will build on their questioning skills each year and dig deeper into other countries, continents and environments. They will learn to compare different countries and discover their local environment, using geographical language.



The children will explore human and physical geography by visiting different places and looking at their features. The children will visit beaches, woodlands, towns and cities on many different school trips. They will also experience other places through research, both digitally and using published hard copies. The children will also look at other environments through the eyes of other children. They will use skills of empathy to consider the lives of others and make comparisons with their own.



The children will require resourcefulness to equip themselves with geographical knowledge. They will use resources to ask and answer questions and find out about the world. They will use globes and atlases to locate continents, countries and oceans and also use reports to obtain new information.

The children will require skills of reciprocity to empathise with other children and compare their lives and ours. They will also consider the impact of humanity on our planet and the animals that live in it. They will look at reusing, recycling and the physical effects of climate change.

Resilience is required throughout our problem-based curriculum. The children will be challenged every lesson, to solve problems and discuss solutions. Reflection is also required throughout the curriculum as the children will have to consider their solutions and adapt their ideas to suit the situation.


Power to change the world

In Geography the children will become acutely aware of the impact that humanity is having on the planet. It will be addressed throughout the year, but the children will always be made aware of their power to change our planet. They will be given a curriculum of hope, one where they will feel empowered to solve problems and given the tools to support them.




Impact will be measured through the use of simple quizzes at the end of topics, pupil and parent voice and also through teacher observations of the transference of knowledge into other curriculum areas.

Progression of Skills