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Forest School

Take a tour around Forest School and find out some of the benefits too!

Throughout the year Tadpoles; Dragonflies and Frogs will have the opportunity to experience Forest School on a fortnightly basis.  Squirrels and Hedgehogs are doing a termly block of sessions with half a class at a time and parents will be informed which children are going in which term. 


On the days your child goes to Forest school, they will need to bring in a named Forest School kit. 


Clothing for your child

Making sure we are comfortable and warm at Forest School is important for us to enjoy ourselves, so the right clothing is super important.  There is a list below of what your child should wear and the video in this link is really helpful too Layering video | Outdoor clothing | Muddy Faces

The following clothing is recommended:

Winter (In the UK that’s normally Autumn and Spring too!)Summer

Vest or T-shirt

Long sleeved t- shirt
Long sleeved topSweatshirt/thin jumper
Hooded top / fleece or thick jumperLong trousers (tracksuit trousers are good, not too thin like leggings)
Thick socks (or two pairs of normal ones)Socks
Trousers with tights or leggings underneathWelly boots
Wellington boots/sturdy waterproof bootsThin waterproof coat
Hat, gloves and scarfSunhat 
Warm jacket 


In school we have waterproof trousers they can borrow or they can bring their own.  We also have some waterproof coats.  In the Winter it can also get very muddy and so do the children! We encourage the children to enjoy exploring this as a sensory experience but they can borrow a waterproof coat to protect their own.  In the summer we are protecting them from scratching plants and insect bites so covering their arms and legs with long sleeved tops and trousers is good. If the trousers are too thin, like leggings, this won't protect them.


If you have any questions about Forest School please speak with your child's class teacher.    





Outdoor play is so important all year round, but can seem a bit daunting when we start to move into the chillier months! There are so many benefits to everyone’s well being, both physical and emotional, by being outdoors. Different weather conditions and seasonal changes allow for many different ways of playing and you can see children approaching Forest School in entirely different ways, even on different days. Play in the summer months can be more contemplative and investigative and then come the colder weather you can notice a shift to being more physical and creative. More challenging weather such as cold, wet and even heat, instead of being looked upon with apprehension should be looked upon as a new opportunity to explore the outdoors in a different way.

The added bonus is that children who play in all weather conditions are more:

• Positive

• Resilient

• Creative

• Adaptable

And they are more aware of their natural surroundings and in tune with seasonal changes. Children who have these abilities are able to rise to the challenges that they may come across in their future life. With none of the challenges or risks that Forest School can present children do not develop these skills and their well-being can be seriously affected.

So, the simple advice is let your children play outside in all weathers and see these benefits too!...


smiley Fresh air helps improve mood, sleep patterns and boost children's immune systems.

blush Burning off excess energy and getting exercise, which is brilliant for health, wellbeing and learning too.

smiley A greater understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

smiley Nature can have a calming and relaxing effect on both body and mind (this works for adults too!!!)




The children love the Bear Hunt book so Tadpoles went off on a Bear Hunt and it was a beautiful day! Plus mud and frog spawn in the pond

Frogs and Hedgehogs are finding different pictures from the Stickman story book and making stickmen too