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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Meet the Willowcroft Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Head Teacher Jane Hemery
Senior Leadership Team 2 Deputy Head Teacher Amanda Doy
Senior Leadership Team 3 EYFS Lead Rachel Downey
Senior Leadership Team 4 KS2 Lead Jodie Brown
Senior Leadership Team 5 KS1 Lead Jen Law
Senior Leadership Team 6 Maths Mastery Lead Liz Sienkiewicz


EYFS Team 1 EYFS Leader Rachel Downey
EYFS Team 2 Two Year Unit Manager Hayley Davies
EYFS Team 3 Early Years Practitioner Charlotte Pacey
EYFS Team 4 Early Years Apprentice Ellie Dye
EYFS Team 5 Early Years Apprentice Megan Lane
EYFS Team 6 Nursery Nurse Practitioner Emma Gallilee
EYFS Team 7 Nursery Nurse Practitioner Claire Drake
EYFS Team 8 Reception Teacher Alison Stabler
EYFS Team 9 Reception Teacher Lauren Day
EYFS Team 10 Teaching Assistant Tasha Evans
EYFS Team 11 Teaching Assistant Mel Bramley
EYFS Team 12 Early Years Apprentice Beth Knight

KS1 Team

KS1 Team 1 KS1 Lead/Teacher Jen Law
KS1 Team 2 KS1 Teacher Lizzy Williams
KS1 Team 3 KS1 Teacher Kate Placentino
KS1 Team 4 KS1 Teacher Sarah Barnes
KS1 Team 5 KS1 Teaching Assistant Sarah Axenderrie
KS1 Team 6 KS1 Teaching Assistant Kristen Johnson
KS1 Team 7 KS1 Teaching Assistant Shelley Stirling
KS1 Team 8 KS1 Teaching Assistant Deb Mahmoud
KS1 Team 9 KS1 Teaching Assistant Jo Woodley

KS2 Team

KS2 Team 1 KS2 Lead/Teacher Jodie Brown
KS2 Team 2 KS2 Teacher/Maths Mastery Liz Sienkiewicz
KS2 Team 3 KS2 Teacher Kirsty Miller
KS2 Team 4 KS2 Teacher Sally Jarman
KS2 Team 5 KS2 Teacher Fern Holliday
KS2 Team 6 KS2 Teacher Louise Hague
KS2 Team 7 KS2 Teacher Piers Aspinall
KS2 Team 8 KS2 HLTA Gill Gardiner
KS2 Team 9 KS2 Teaching Assistant Claire Thomas
KS2 Team 10 KS2 Teaching Assistant Marianne Slipper
KS2 Team 11 KS2 Teaching Assistant Helen Paynter
KS2 Team 12 KS2 Teaching Assistant Tracy Hammond

SENco Team

SENco Team 1 SENco Philippa Purvis
SENco Team 2 Assistant SENco/Speech and Language Chris Hussey
SENco Team 3 Early Years Assistant SENco Lizzy Williams

SEN One to One Support/EAL

SEN One to One Support/EAL 1 Teaching Assistant/One to One Support Jackie Lynn
SEN One to One Support/EAL 2 Teaching Assistant/EAL Sara Guimaraes

Pastoral Support Team

Pastoral Support Team 1 Learning Mentor Amanda Jones
Pastoral Support Team 2 Assistant Learning Mentor Marianne Slipper
Pastoral Support Team 3 Student Support Manager Terry Jones

School Librarian

School Librarian 1 Bel Kent

Forest School Lead

Forest School Lead 1 Sharon Wright

Administration/Finance Team

Administration/Finance Team 1 Finance Officer Kerry Clamp
Administration/Finance Team 2 Office Administrator Sam Marshall
Administration/Finance Team 3 Office Administrator Ally Lee
Administration/Finance Team 4 Business Manager Tracy Belcher

Site Team

Site Team 1 Pawel Plewczynski
Site Team 2 Amanda Cox

Catering Team

Catering Team 1 Kitchen Manager Jenny Watson
Catering Team 2 Kitchen Assistant Lucy Hoskins

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Teresa Lovelock
Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Lynn Walton