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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Meet the Willowcroft Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Head Teacher Jane Hemery
Senior Leadership Team 2 Deputy Head Teacher Amanda Doy
Senior Leadership Team 3 EYFS Lead - Rachel Downey
Senior Leadership Team 4 Key Stage 2 Lead - Jodie Brown
Senior Leadership Team 5 Year 1 & 2 Lead - Jen Law
Senior Leadership Team 6 Maths Lead - Liz Sienkiewicz


EYFS Team 1 EYFS Leader Rachel Downey
EYFS Team 2 Two Year Unit Manager Hayley Davies
EYFS Team 3 Early Years Practitioner Charlotte Pacey
EYFS Team 4 Early Years Apprentice Ellie Dye
EYFS Team 5 Early Years Apprentice Megan Lane
EYFS Team 6 Nursery Nurse Practitioner Claire Drake
EYFS Team 7 Reception Teacher Alison Stabler
EYFS Team 8 Reception Teacher Lauren Day
EYFS Team 9 Teaching Assistant Tasha Evans
EYFS Team 10 Teaching Assistant - Paige Mace
EYFS Team 11 Teaching Assistant - Becky Franklin

KS1 Team

KS1 Team 1 KS1 Lead/Teacher Jen Law
KS1 Team 2 KS1 Teacher Lizzy Williams
KS1 Team 3 KS1 Teacher Kate Placentino
KS1 Team 4 KS1 Teacher - Sally Jarman
KS1 Team 5 KS1 Teaching Assistant Sarah Axenderrie
KS1 Team 6 KS1 Teaching Assistant Kristen Johnson
KS1 Team 7 KS1 Teaching Assistant Shelley Stirling
KS1 Team 8 KS1 Teaching Assistant Deb Mahmoud
KS1 Team 9 KS1 Teaching Assistant - Jo Woodley

KS2 Team

KS2 Team 1 KS2 Lead/Teacher Jodie Brown
KS2 Team 2 KS2 Teacher/Maths Mastery Liz Sienkiewicz
KS2 Team 3 KS2 Teacher Kirsty Miller
KS2 Team 4 KS2 Teacher Fern Holliday
KS2 Team 5 KS2 Teacher Piers Aspinall
KS2 Team 6 KS2 Teacher - James Doman
KS2 Team 7 KS2 HLTA Gill Gardiner
KS2 Team 8 KS2 Teaching Assistant Claire Thomas
KS2 Team 9 KS2 Teaching Assistant - Eve Newman
KS2 Team 10 KS2 Teacher - Louise Coakley
KS2 Team 11 KS2 Teaching Assistant - Helen Paynter
KS2 Team 12 KS2 Teacher - Louise Hague
KS2 Team 13 KS2 Teaching Assistant - Ellie Eggleton-Gibbs

SENco Team

SENco Team 1 SENco Philippa Purvis
SENco Team 2 Assistant SENco/Speech and Language Chris Hussey
SENco Team 3 Early Years Assistant SENco Lizzy Williams

SEN One to One Support/EAL

SEN One to One Support/EAL 1 Teaching Assistant/One to One Support Jackie Lynn
SEN One to One Support/EAL 2 Teaching Assistant/EAL Sara Guimaraes

Pastoral Support Team

Pastoral Support Team 1 Learning Mentor Amanda Jones
Pastoral Support Team 2 Student Support Manager Terry Jones
Pastoral Support Team 3 Support Assistant - Tracy Hammond

School Librarian

School Librarian 1 Bel Kent

Administration/Finance Team

Administration/Finance Team 1 Finance Officer Kerry Clamp
Administration/Finance Team 2 Office Administrator Sam Marshall
Administration/Finance Team 3 Office Administrator Ally Lee
Administration/Finance Team 4 Business Manager - Tracy Belcher

Extended Schools Team

Extended Schools Team 1 Caron Gray - Extended Schools/Holiday Camp Manager
Extended Schools Team 2 Deb Mahmoud - Deputy Manager
Extended Schools Team 3 Rachel Higgins - Play Worker

Site Team

Site Team 1 Pawel Plewczynski
Site Team 2 Amanda Cox

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Teresa Lovelock
Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Lynn Walton