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  • Willowcroft Community School,
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The Staff and Governors of Willowcroft School share a commitment to keeping our children safe. Further information regarding safeguarding can be found in the 'school information' tab.

Welcome to Willowcroft Community School

Headteacher Jane Hemery
Willowcroft Community School At Willowcroft we place great importance on respect for one another and the importance of good learning behaviour. Our children are hardworking, polite and love to learn. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and working with parents to provide the best education for their children. We have a friendly, dedicated and motivated team of staff who work hard to provide the highest quality of education for our children. To visit Willowcroft, please contact the school office by phone or email. We look forward to meeting you.
Year 6 returned safely from Yenworthy. Take a look at the photos on the news page (Trip letters-Yenworthy).
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  • Burrow -62
  • Hive -87
  • Lair -84
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