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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Welcome to the Tadpoles class page.


The Nursery is taught by Tasha Evans and she is supported by Angela Ridley, Vicky Tullett, Kate Whatley and Emma Wall.


We are so excited to welcome back our existing Tadpoles and also meet all of the new children joining us.


This first Term is all about making relationships and getting to know the children.

Our topic will be 'This is me'. It's a lovely opportunity for us to get to know your child, their favourite things, about their family, pets and friends.

After the first couple of weeks we will then make the Key worker groups. Each adult will have their own group of children and will plan small activities and group work to help deepen topic work, phonics and number.

Its also a lovely time to develop the personal, social and emotional skills by playing games and taking turns as well as their communication skills with circle times.



As soon at the children arrive at nursery they are encouraged to explore the room. Once all of the children are in and the register has been taken we open the doors for indoor and outdoor exploring time. During this time the children are able to access all areas of the Nursery environment. We aren't a fair weather setting and go outdoors all year long, we love to get wet, muddy and messy. 

We will provide waterproof trousers for each child but ask if they can all have a pair of named wellies and a warm coat once the weather gets colder.


All the children are offered a healthy snack during the session.

We have a snack table that the children are encouraged to visit independently. They will learn to pour their own drinks and peel their fruit. Snack time is a lovely opportunity for conversations between the children and adults in the room.




                                                     Important dates and information.


We will open the nursery gates for the Tadpoles children at 8:40 and then again for the afternoon session at 12:10.

Please could you follow the one way system into the school and then line up adhering to social distancing rules.

Unfortunately we are unable to let parents into the nursery classroom so, ask for your help in encouraging your child to come into the nursery independently. Please do not worry if they get upset, we understand starting nursery or returning after a long break can be very daunting for both you and your child. Myself and my team are very experienced with settling in children and making them feel safe and secure in our care. We have many lovely activities on offer to also help with this process. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on the following email address:


Monday 7th September - Term 1 begins : Am session is 8:40 - 11:40

                                                           PM sessions is 12:10 - 3:10


Friday 23rd October -     Term 1 ends


Tuesday 3rd November - Term 2 starts


Friday 18th December -   Term 2 ends



Please can all children bring in a named water bottle containing only water.

Children staying all day will also need a packed lunch in a washable lunchbox.

We are a nut free school so please do not pack anything containing nuts or nut products.

Fizzy drinks and sweets are also not allowed.

Can we also ask that your child has a bag of spare clothes. This will need to be named and will remain in nursery all week and sent home on a Friday.

Any wet clothes will go home daily.

Naming all of your child's belongings is essential as we have many children with the same coats, shoes, wellies etc.

Thank you for your cooperation with this smiley

Tadpoles Outdoor and Indoor areas

In Nursery we plan our teaching alongside the children’s interests, this is known as in the moment planning. If the class is really interested and engaged in a particular topic or an activity spurs them on to want to find out more, we adapt our teaching and what we are doing to match their enthusiasm! Each term we have a loose based topic that can cover many areas so the learning isn't so rigid.


Understanding in the moment planning allows a little forward planning alongside planning in the moment experiences. These are an extension of a child’s interest observed (known as child led) by all the nursery staff.

We also have adult led moments (adult led teaching) that we want the children to know such as events throughout the year, mathematics and phonics. We implement these in our Key worker groups which happen each day. This then creates a balance of adult led and child led activities. With children having both of these experiences it will help them to develop in their learning.

We're going on a bug hunt!

Nursery Staff