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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Welcome to Squirrels Class!



Squirrels class is taught by Miss Beaumont and supported by Miss Franklin. Ms Gardiner teaches the class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


Term 4



This term we will be learning all about different plants (common wild and garden plants – including deciduous and evergreen trees), their names, their importance to us and the planet and what they need to be able to grow.  We shall be doing lots of investigations and writing our own non-chronological reports on what we have learnt. Lots of our Literacy this term will be linking to our Topic of “How does a garden grow? And our Guided Reading will be based around the same theme, such as ‘The Enormous Turnip’ or ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk.’



In Maths we will be focusing on measure at the beginning of the term, moving onto multiplication and division and then fractions.


In Art the children will get the chance to experiment with lots of different materials, methods and techniques.


Welcome to Term 3!


Our topic this term will be ‘People Who Help Us’. We will continue to be a play based Year 1 class, incorporating the National Curriculum into our play and through enquiry based learning.


This term we have decided to split the curriculum subjects into mini weekly enquiries. This term we shall be covering the following themes:

Week 1 -Focusing on Design & Technology and Healthy Living

Week 2 -Instructional Writing

Week 3 -Computing

Week 4- Religious Education

Week 5- Science

Week 6- History


We will be introducing weekly PE into our timetable this term, please ensure that full PE kits are in class.

Squirrels have Forest School this term which will alternate between Group 1 & Group 2 each week.



As mentioned at the end of last term, we shall be sending home spelling books each Friday with 5 spellings in for your child to learn over the weekend and following week. Please practice these daily as this will make for the most learnt. Along with reading on a daily basis at home this will really help support your child to become an independent reader and writer.


Please refer to the parent pay letter sent out at the end of last term. For more information, please see a member of staff.

Term 2 –Let’s celebrate!

This term our topic asks the question, why do we celebrate? We will be looking at the meaning behind Bonfire night and learning the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. This will then lead us into learning about Diwalli and the Festival of light. We will discover the importance of light and what is represents. Then to conclude our Topic we will be learning about Christmas and finishing off with our Nativity performance. 


Reading for success

All children will read to an adult in school at least once a week. They will also be reading with a partner each day in phonics for decoding, while Guided Reading activities will boost comprehension. However, nothing boosts a child's progress in reading more than reading to a grown up at home.


Book bands: We use Oxford Reading Tree scheme books are colour coded into reading bands. Children progress through the colours as they show that they can both read and understand the texts. Each time they move up a band we’ll write it in their Reading Record. You can choose the books together from our reading trolley in the cloakroom area. Please stick to the correct reading band.




Christmas Play


The Christmas Play this year is 'Hey Ewe'. The children have already been given their parts, but costumes letters and scripts will be given out as soon as possible. The dates/times for the Christmas play are as follows:


Evening performance: Monday 9th December at 3.30pm

Afternoon performance: Tuesday 10th December at 1.30pm

Morning performance: Wednesday 11th December at 9.30am


Tickets will cost £1 per chair. The money will be put towards new resources for the children and their garden.

t it represents. Then to conclude our topic we will be learning about Christmas and finishing the topic off with our Nativity performance.



Term 1


Our topic for term 1 is:

‘One World’


A warm welcome back to you all after the Summer Break. I Hope you all had a lovely rest and are now looking forward to starting your new adventure in Year 1?


Our first topic is ‘One World'.  We will be learning about our home town of Didcot and our school environment.


In literacy we focus on a story then draw a quick story map to help remember the sequence.  We deepen our knowledge of the story by acting it out, do 'hot-seating' where you ask a character from the story lots of questions, then do some writing based around the story. Our first book this term will be 'The Three Little Pigs.'


In maths we will start the term by focussing on place value.  We will learn about number order and the value of each number and how this can be represented using a variety of manipulatives.


The role-play area will be transformed into a train station.  The children can engage in writing for a purpose by writing things such as timetables, tickets and drawing maps. We will also be introducing money to help children understand the value of coins. 


Please ensure that children have a full P.E. kit including jogging bottoms/leggings for the colder weather. It is really helpful to keep their kit in school every day for the whole term.


Please can we ask that every item that comes into school is named, as it makes it a lot easier to help us locate missing items? 


Please ensure that children have a full P.E. kit including jogging bottoms/leggings for the colder weather. It is really helpful to keep their kit in school every day for the whole term. 


Squirrels have Forest School in Term 1- individual letters will be sent out informing parents exactly when their child is going. 



Squirrels class teacher timetable:






Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.

Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.


Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.

Ms Gardiner supported by Miss Franklin.


Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.

Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.


Ms Gardiner supported by Miss Franklin.

Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.


Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.

Miss Beaumont supported by Miss Franklin.





How do we learn?

We are a Year 1 play based classroom. We have daily Literacy, Maths and Phonic lessons. We learn by being independent learners and taking control of our learning when we have exploring time.


Where do I learn?

During exploring time you have access to our Squirrel classroom, the Hedgehog classroom, the creative area and the garden. In each area there are specific activities for you to complete based on our topic.


Who helps us to learn?

Miss Beaumont is our main classroom teacher, Ms Gardiner teaches the class Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Our full time classroom teaching assistant is Miss Franklin.  Mrs Williams and Miss Ellis are the teacher and teaching assistant in Hedgehogs. Mrs Axenderrie will also be working with small groups and individual children across KS1.


Learning and teaching

In Squirrels we really encourage reading.  This includes reading a class book, but also includes reading library books, comics, newspapers and anything else they enjoy. The most important thing is to encourage a love for reading.  Children who enjoy reading are usually better readers and writers.


Other curriculum subjects such as Science, Geography, History, Art, DT, Music and Computing are taught through topic work sometimes during exploring time and sometimes as discreet lessons.  


Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school every day. We suggest they leave them in school for the whole term.


Each fortnight we contribute to the school newsletter, letting you know what we have been doing in class and ways you can support this learning at home. 


If you have any questions please feel free to pop in and see Miss Beaumont.