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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Science at Willowcroft


At Willowcroft we are passionate about creating Science Capital in our children. We want our children to build up their knowledge, attitudes and experiences of Science that they will need later in life. We are interested in discovering what children already know about Science and what sort of everyday engagement they have with this subject outside of the classroom.


Science is a body of knowledge built up through experimental testing of ideas - answers may not always be achieved first time and aspects of the experiment may need changing or repeating. Science is a practical way of finding reliable answers to questions we may ask about the world around us. Science at Willowcroft develops children's ideas and ways of working that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live through investigation. Science is also a collaborative activity where ideas and suggestions are shared and investigated together with children taking the lead. Through practical activities, team work and good quality resources, children experience and learn how to work together and appreciate each other's Science Capital.


We believe that a broad and balanced Science education is the entitlement of all children. Our aims in teaching Science include:

  • Encouraging the development of positive attitudes towards Science through cross-curricular links, educational visits and visitors to the school.
  • Providing our children with an enjoyable experience of Science, so that they will develop a deep and lasting interest and may be motivated to explore Scientific concepts further.
  • Developing the skills of investigation through our Growth Mindset approach.
  • Valuing Science as a vehicle for the development of language skills, and we encourage our children to talk constructively about their Science experiences supporting their use of scientific vocabulary.
  • Developing close links between Science, Literacy and Mathematics.
  • Teaching Science to KS1 and EYFS for one hour and a half each week extending to two hours a week for Key Stage Two.
  • Adapting and modifying the Science curriculum to suit children's interests and current events whilst still covering statutory objectives from the Science curriculum.
  • Ensuring progression between year groups and revisit topics to build on previous knowledge and understanding.


Science is a core subject of the national curriculum.



James Boffin Science Entertainer:  Assembly and Workshop Day 2018