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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


So then we tried to make our own Mary Rose

Willowcrofts World Record Attempt - Nailed it!

Can we make it...Yes we can!

Squaring and Cubing Numbers

UK OPEN Taekwondo Championships 2018


A huge well done to Lucas and Charlie who competed over the weekend in Guildford. Both boys did extremely well and bought home medals. 

Lucas won two golds in Special Technique and Sparring. Charlie won his first ever medals, (both being silver) in Patterns and Sparring. 

Massive congratulations boys!


UK OPEN Taekwondo Championships

UK OPEN Taekwondo Championships 1

The Dangers of Smoking Interactive Theatre Show

Working with Money

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy Monday 8th October


Yesterday we were visited by the super smart folk at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. They brought the Sundome along and taught us some amazing facts about fusion energy. 


Nuclear fusion is one of the most promising options for generating large amounts of carbon-free energy in the future.

Illustration of the fusion reactionFusion is the process that heats the Sun and all other stars, where atomic nuclei collide together and release energy (in the form of neutrons, see diagram on the right). Fusion scientists and engineers are developing the technology to use this process in tomorrow's power stations.


To get energy from fusion, gas from a combination of types of hydrogen – deuterium and tritium – is heated to very high temperatures (100 million degrees Celsius). One way to achieve these conditions is a method called ‘magnetic confinement' – controlling the hot gas (known as a plasma) with strong magnets. The most promising device for this is the ‘tokamak', a Russian word for a ring-shaped magnetic chamber.


Advantages of fusion power

The world needs new, cleaner ways to supply our increasing energy demand, as concerns grow over climate change and declining supplies of fossil fuels. Power stations using fusion would have a number of advantages:

  • No carbon emissions. The only by-products of fusion reactions are small amounts of helium, which is an inert gas that will not add to atmospheric pollution.
  • Abundant fuels. Deuterium can be extracted from water and tritium is produced from lithium, which is found in the earth's crust. Fuel supplies will therefore last for millions of years.
  • Energy efficiency. One kilogram of fusion fuel can provide the same amount of energy as 10 million kilograms of fossil fuel.
  • No long-lived radioactive waste. Only plant components become radioactive and these will be safe to recycle or dispose of conventionally within 100 years.
  • Safety. The small amounts of fuel used in fusion devices (about the weight of a postage stamp at any one time) means that a large-scale nuclear accident is not possible.
  • Reliable power. Fusion power plants should provide a baseload supply of large amounts of electricity, at costs that are estimated to be broadly similar to other energy sources.


The children (as always) were fantastic and it was awesome to see just how much they already know. They even managed to stump the science guys with some of their questions. Well done Ravens!

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

The Ravens don't just fly...We Yoga!

This week saw Ravens class start Forest School with Mr Jones. The children have been learning about fires and fire safety.


In the photos below the children are identifying and arranging a suitable area for the Year 6 fire circle. This area was very overgrown and Mr Jones kindly offered to clear the ground so that next week the children can start developing the area further, making the fire pit in preparation for when they start learning how to make their own fires. Bring on the s'mores! 


I will update our weekly Forest School journey here so please check back for more photos. 


Joe Wicks Workout in the hall with KS2

Joe Wicks Workout in the hall with KS2 1

Welcome to Raven Class



This year the Ravens will be taught by Mrs Brown. We are a Year 6 class and Mrs Brown has an exciting year ahead planned for us. We have an open door policy and if for any reason you need to talk to either myself or Mrs Epton, you will always find me outside class at 8.30am. Please come and have a chat and say hello. 



I will hand out spellings each week and I expect the children to make a real effort to learn them. They will have a spelling challenge at the end of the week and we always try to up our scores. My Maths homework is set every week. If you lose your log in, please come and see me and I will print you out another. The children count daily, and I would really appreciate your help with their times tables. The more they count at home, the easier it becomes in class. Alongside My Maths, there are some excellent resources available on BBC Bitesize. I have attached the link to the bottom of this page. 



PE this term will be on a Monday afternoon with Elite Sports. The children will need to be prepared to be on the field, so I advise you to pack them with indoor and outdoor trainers. In the colder months we will still go outside where possible so please include track suit bottoms and a jumper. 

On Wednesday afternoons we are continuing yoga and mindfulness lessons. I hope these will be invaluable to the children's well being and I will keep you updated on our progress. 


I do love to take lots of photos, so please pop back to our page and our Class Dojo as often as possible to see what we have been up to.