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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Maths at Willowcroft

At Willowcroft, we want every child to enjoy learning maths.  We know that, to enjoy a subject, a child has to feel confident and know that they have the necessary skills to add, subtract, divide, multiply and solve number problems. Of course, maths is not just about number.  Children learn to recognise and explain patterns, interpret graphs and timetables, construct shapes and understand their properties.


Children are given opportunities to explore mathematical concepts through the use of resources. As a school we place a big emphasis on children developing the number calculations using equipment such as Numicon which enables children to recognise patterns and relationships in numbers. Children are encouraged to explore new concepts through maths investigations that allow the children to communicate, reason and problem solve in order to develop their understanding.


The overall aim is that when children leave Willowcroft they:

•    have a secure knowledge of number facts and a good understanding of the four operations;

•    can calculate mentally using one-digit and two-digit numbers and have secure strategies to calculate bigger numbers;

•    use diagrams and notes to help record steps when using mental methods that generate more information than can be kept in their heads;

•    have an efficient, reliable, written method of calculation for each operation that they can apply with confidence.

•    use a calculator effectively, using their mental skills to monitor the process, check the steps involved and decide if the     numbers displayed make sense.

  • use and apply maths in real life situations


Willowcroft Maths Interventions

In order to support children who find maths challenging, we run maths interventions to help children develop a secure understanding in a given maths concept. Staff in school will identify children who need additional support in maths through lessons and then provide opportunities for these children to have intervention programmes.

First Class @ Number 1


Much of the work carried out in these interventions is equally completed in the classroom. All class teachers will use the skills outlined in these interventions in their daily maths lessons. 

At Willowcroft the children love to use TT Rockstars to help them learn their times tables. They each have their own logon and can go on and access a whole range of games to hone their skills. Each child in each class also aims to become the Rockstar-Superstar - an award given to the child from each class who has put the most effort into learning their tables.


We are also very excited to announce a new program: NumBots! This is a new online program the children can access through their TT Rockstars account. It is aimed at KS1 children and helps them to become fluent at number sense. The children can logon and work their way through lots of fun levels to earn coins towards accessorising and changing their very own robots!


The children also have access to MyMaths - a wonderful online resource that helps bring what the children are learning about in school to home. The activities are fun and engaging and reflect the recent lessons, allowing children to practise the skills they are learning in school.