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Tomorrow’s success starts today

House Points

Willowcroft House Points System


All pupils at Willowcroft are members of a house. Children are allocated a house when they arrive in Foundation and remain in that house until they leave in Year 6. Siblings are all part of the same house.


We have four school houses in the school: 


Den (Red)

Lair (Blue)

Burrow (Green)

Hive (Yellow)


As part of a house, children can achieve house points on a daily basis.


House points are awarded to children for:


  • Being a positive role model
  • Taking responsibility
  • Persevering
  • Being mindful of others
  • Showing creativity
  • Challenging yourself


During assembly on a Monday, the house points for the week are tallied up. The winning house that week is presented with the house trophy. 

When pupils get to Year 6 they have the opportunity to become a house captain. The role of the house captain is to be a representative for the children in their house. House captains have the responsibility of being able to award house points.


Throughout the school year there will be opportunities for children across all age groups to work together in the houses, for example Sports Day.


The aim of the process is to allow the older children to be supportive to their younger peers and for the younger children to be able to learn from the older children.