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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


This term we have PE on a Thursday.

Term 4 - Vikings!

This term, our quiet little Anglo-Saxon classroom has been overrun with Viking invaders! We will investigate how Vikings lived, what Scandinavia is like and why they decided to invade England. We will also be learning all about Norse mythology; including looking at the nine worlds, the different gods and goddesses and we will even write our own version of a Norse myth.


We will end the term by recreating the battles of Reading, Ashdown and Eddington - the key battles in the Anglo-Saxon vs Viking invasion.

Term 3:


We are very excited this term to be learning all about Alfred the Great and the Anglo-Saxons. Alfred the Great is facing a rather serious dilemma; the Danes are attacking and have already made their way up to Reading. How will he defend Wessex from this attack? How will the other Kingdoms react if he send his people to fight?


We will be investigating what life was like in 600AD and looking at how both rich and poor people lived. We will become detectives to investigate the mystery of Sutton Hoo and Alfred's Jewel, The children will also look at how Didcot has changed over time, and why Didcot is called Didcot. We will even make our very own village out of clay. 


In literacy we will be studying the legend of King Arthur and The Sword in the Stone, trying to stop similarities between the fiction and the reality of life at the time. The children will plan and create their own stories about Kings and Queens and will get to read these to Badgers class.


In maths we will be looking at multiplying and dividing as well as measuring. MyMaths homework is now set, so every week the children can go on and have a go at some fun maths activities.

Term 2:


This term Foxes topic is Alien Worlds and we are so excited to start learning!


We will be reading the story 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers about a boy who finds a rocket and travels to The Moon. The children will create their own versions of this story, altering the main character, the planet they land on and even what lifeforms they encounter when they are there!


This theme of travelling to alien planets will run throughout most of our lessons. We will be using Van Gogh to help us look up at the night's sky, creating instructions so we know how to care for our very own alien creature and we will be researching Tim Peake and finding out what true space exploration is like. 



Twelfth Night:


The Foxes have been rehearsing, learning lines and making props for weeks now in order to put on our very own adaptation of William ShakespeIare's Twelfth Night. Last night the class put on the most incredible performance and I was astounded at how professional and courageous every single child was! We will be putting on a second performance on Friday at 1:30.


I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all the parents for supporting the children to learn their lines, coaching them with their acting skills and helping to kit out every child with several different costumes! All of your help and encouragement made such a difference!


We will hopefully be adding photos from the performance here soon for you!


This term Foxes get to go swimming! During the first two weeks of this term we have been lucky enough to have had two double sessions of swimming, which means that we will now have a little break for two before returning to our usual routine of a single session each week.


Thursday 7th - Double session

Thursday 14th - Double session

Thursday 21st - No swimming

Thursday 28th - No swimming

Thursday 5th - Swimming

Thursday 12th - Swimming

Thursday 19th - Swimming - Last session

Term 1 - One World


Welcome back to school Year 4! Foxes Class Teacher is Mrs Sienkiewicz, our Associate Teacher is Miss Butcher and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Livsey. 


This term we will be focusing on the topic One World and developing our understanding on plastic pollution, recycling and the effect is has upon the world. We will be looking at making different uses of plastic bags in DT, creating our own instruments in Music, looking at other countries recycling techniques in Geography and doing experiments with plastic in Science.



In Maths Mastery we will be focusing on Place Value and Addition and Subtraction, and in Literacy we are looking at the story Bluebird and instruction writing. We will also be concentrating on SPaG, Guided Reading and the Year 4 Spellings. Children are expected to read at home and bring in their P.E. and Forest School kits at the beginning of term and then take them home on the last day of each term.


If you have any questions or queries throughout the year please feel free to speak to me before or afterschool, I am always happy to help!