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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Design and Technology


The Design & Technology curriculum provides children with an interesting and fun way to develop their skills in designing and making. Each year group undertakes at least 3 DT projects each year, which build on prior learning, developing existing skills and introducing new ones. During each project children will engage in activities that enable them to:


· Investigate, dissemble & evaluate products

· Undertake focused practical tasks (to practice skills)

· Design & make products for a purpose

· Evaluate their own and others’ work


During the primary curriculum the projects undertaken will cover varied themes as structures, textiles, mechanisms, electrical control & food technology.  All children will use a wide range of tools appropriate to the unit of work and under careful health and safety guidance, whilst learning how to recognise hazards and take appropriate action.


Design and Technology has practical problem-solving as its core activity. Design and Technology draws upon the knowledge, skill and experiences from many subject areas for its successful outcomes. It is by completing practical activities that children can apply what they have learnt, or discover what they need to know. Design and Technology develops children’s capability to operate in, and contribute to, a world where the practical solutions to problems need to be achieved.


In EYFS, children explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings including through design and technology activities.  They also develop skills necessary to design and construct in Physical Development, where they transport and use tools and materials safely and with good control.  Communication and Language also supports DT as children are given opportunities to speak at length, ask and answer questions and listen carefully to instructions. 


During Key Stage 1, children participate in projects which are relevant to their everyday lives, e.g. related to home, or to their topic. They explore products, design and create their own products for themselves or a user.  Children will evaluate their products using design criteria.  Children will also build on their skills from EYFS to select and use tools and equipment safely.


During Key Stage 2, pupils will have projects that are relevant to their lives, such as the school grounds, the environment, industrial and leisure products.  They will learn about events and people which helped to shape our world. Children will analyse and investigate products and use research to develop criteria for design briefs.  They will build on their skills from KS1 by using a range of ways to communicate their ideas, select products, tools, materials and components for a purpose and use tools with increasing safety and accuracy.  Children will also apply their understanding of computing to program, monitor and control products. During Key Stage 2, children will understand what a healthy and varied diet is, preparing and cooking a variety of healthy dishes safely and hygienically.  They will know where and how ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed.