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Corona Virus information

Corona Virus Updates and Information - Return to School In September

Corona Virus Update 19th March 2020


School Closure


Dear Parents and Carers


School will close on Friday 20th March at 3pm and will remain closed until further notice. You will be notified when school is reopened. After school club care will close at 6pm on Friday and will not reopen until school begins again.


Childcare for key workers and vulnerable pupils

On Monday March 23rd, we will be able to provide childcare for a limited number of children whose parents are key workers.

You will be offered a place by email and your child can only attend school if you have received an email with a direct offer from us. Any child who turns up to school on Monday without being sent an email confirmation from us will not be allowed to stay, even if their parents are key workers.


If you and your partner are both key workers and have no other childcare you can access, or you are a single parent and a key worker, and have no other childcare available to you, then you can request childcare by emailing  Please ensure you include your child’s name and age, your job, your partner’s job (if applicable) and the hours you need care for.

We will be providing childcare only and although we will try to support as many eligible families as possible, we may not be able to offer full time care to everyone.


Support while school is closed

Teachers will be setting work for children. They will aim to communicate every day via class dojo during term time. If they are ill, they will not be able to do so but the staff will be looking out for each other so please bear with us. We have never had to teach remotely before and I expect there will be teething problems at first.

We have been told that children eligible for free school meals will be given food vouchers and a ‘grab bag’ of sandwiches, fruit and snacks which can be collected from school daily. Do not turn up at school on Monday for your grab bag until we have given you details of how to order this food. We are awaiting further information from our catering company.


I will be writing to you again soon with an email address that you can use to contact key staff members if you have safeguarding concerns or simply need a phone call or some advice.

We are all thinking about you and we will miss the children during the months ahead. We hope that the situation is resolved as quickly as possible for all of us and we thank you for the many thoughtful, kind messages you have sent and the chocolates and biscuits. Your appreciation makes a huge difference.


Yours sincerely


Jane Hemery

Corona Update 17th March 2020


School is still open for all classes.   Due to the Government advice, some staff in vulnerable groups will be self-isolating for 12 weeks.  Other staff are needing to stay at home for 14 days if they or family members are unwell.  This may mean that your child has a different teacher or TA and, if there are insufficient staff to ensure that children remain safe, then it could mean partial closure.

It would help us if you did not post information on social media in regard to staffing, closures and corona as our office staff are already inundated with phone calls from concerned parents. 


Have you got any cases of Corona in the school at the moment?

No.  But as soon as we hear of any cases we will let you know.  We do have staff and children self-isolating.

Is the school going to close?

We have no plans to close unless the Government tells us to.  We receive daily updates from the DFE and follow their advice.  To avoid closure, children may be taught by other staff and classes may need to be joined together.  Given that the number of pupils attending school is lower than usual, class sizes should remain as they are at present.

Can I send my child to school if they are unwell?

No.  At this time we ask that you follow Government guidelines which state that if any family member has a persistent, dry cough or a temperature of over 37.8 degrees, the whole family must self-isolate for 14 days.  We do need to insist on this as we need to do all we can to avoid staff absence.  We will send children home if they return earlier than they should.

My child has a medical condition which makes then vulnerable to illness, can I keep them off school?

There is no advice for children at present, but this may change.  This is a situation none of us have faced before so this will be a parental decision.  Please phone or email the office as you would normally.

My child was self-isolating for 7 days and now the advice has changed, what do I do?

We are seeking clarity on this and will hopefully receive some guidance later today.  At the moment, if your child has been absent and other family members are now unwell with a cough and high temperature, they should not attend school.  If they have been off school for 7 days already and have not developed a persistent, dry cough and not had a high temperature and no-one else in the house has developed a cough or temperature, then it is fine for your child to return to school.

Will this affect my child’s attendance and will I be fined?

Yes, it will affect your child’s attendance but the code we enter in the register is an authorised absence and we will not fine anyone or initiate parenting contracts if your child is unable to attend school because you are following Government advice.

Will you provide work for my child while they are self-isolating?

We have prepared packs of work for children who are unable to attend school.  We will start sending them home from tonight. 

If you are self-isolating now and do not have access to the internet, contact your class teacher or phone the office and we will endeavor to post work through your letterbox (staff permitting).

At the moment, it is difficult for teachers to teach in class while preparing work for children at home as well, but we will do our best.

What happens if school has to close?

Teachers have prepared for this and each class will receive a letter, via parent pay and Dojo, which will contain work for the older children and suggested activities for the younger ones.  There will also be links to suitable websites, including school-based websites which you should all have logins for.  Teachers will still be ‘at work’ (although not in the building)  and will communicate via Dojo with Parentpay used when appropriate.


This information is likely to change frequently.  We will keep you updated with any new information.

Thank you for your support and patience.




Current Precautions in place

  • Children have all had lessons on handwashing and how to use tissues properly for coughs and sneezes
  • Extra handwashing opportunities-again in line with Government advice
  • Tissues are available in all classes and children will be taught to dispose of them hygienically
  • Cleaning staff hours have been increased and surfaces and door handles etc are disinfected daily
  • Soap dispensers are checked twice daily and refilled as needed
  • Anti bacterial gel will be available throughout the school, including the reception area.
  • All staff have read the guidance and are being vigilant with regard to illness
  • Management plans are in place in case of school closure or pupils/staff/parents becoming unwell with the virus


Precautions at home

  • Reinforce the need for increased handwashing and check that your child is using and disposing of tissues as recommended
  • Use this link for up to date information and avoid inaccurate social media information

  • Inform the school as quickly as possible if any child or person they have been in contact with, develops symptoms of the virus.
  • If your child is unwell , then keep them at home.  Phone 111 if you are concerned about your child's health. 


Below is a link to a poster which shows how hands should be washed thoroughly.


Reducing children's anxiety about the virus

Official information so far is that children are unlikely to become seriously ill if they contract the virus.  People with underlying illness and the elderly have a greater risk.  Children will worry if the adults around them are worrying and it is important to remember that they will worry about family members becoming ill- not just themselves.

It is helpful to talk through any concerns your child may have in a factual, non-alarming way.


We receive daily updates in regard to the situations and will inform you if the situation changes.


See further information on the Public Health England Blog and the NHS UK website.


Corona Virus- information from school