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Tomorrow’s success starts today

Two-Year Old Unit

New Unit

Welcome to the two year old unit.

A great place to be 2!



We are thrilled to have our new purpose built two year old room which opened in January 2016.

The new space offers an exciting addition to our current foundation unit (Tadpoles, Dragonflies and Frogs), enabling us to offer Nursery places for younger children.


The children will have the opportunity to explore a rich learning environment, whilst building relationships with other two year olds. We will be following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Focusing on the prime areas of development:


Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language and Physical


In addition, we will of course record your child’s development in the other four areas of learning:

Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and Design.

The enabling environment and all our lovely equipment will provide extensive learning opportunities for your child throughout their time with us. Our staff will help to ensure every new experience is as rewarding as possible for the children.


We strongly believe in parents as partners and encourage you to become fully involved in your children’s new Nursery experience. We have a very flexible settling in policy to ensure both you and your child feel as comfortable as possible about this exciting new adventure.                          








Parents/carers drop children off to nursery. Each parent is asked to help their child self-register by finding their photograph and moving it from the picture of the house to the one of nursery. Parents then to settle at an activity with their child, before saying goodbye. Staff will support your child with this initial separation.



Carpet time to say hello to everyone and sing our welcome song.

9.10 -10.10


Child initiated play inside and outside.  The children have full access to both areas and can move freely between them during this time. The environments are resourced based on the children’s interests at that time and around the topic we are focusing on. Planning can be found inside the nursery on the planning board and parents are encouraged to contribute ideas and observations by using the post it notes.

Adults have a focus based on the needs of the children and support children’s learning by questioning, shared thinking, collaborating, challenging and problem solving.

  10.10- 10.30

1.55 – 2.15

Snack time – In key groups. Children wash hands and sit in their groups at the tables to enjoy a healthy snack. Focus is on table manners and independence at mealtimes.

10.30 -11.10


Free play.

Nappy check/ toilet time. Children who are in nappies but showing interest in potty training are encourage to sit on the potties or toilets. Those wearing pants will be given regular reminders throughout the session to use the bathrooms. Nappies will be changed as soon as a child has soiled. All children will be checked during these times to ensure their comfort.

Parents must provide nappies and wipes for each session their child attends please.



Tidy up time. Although these children are very young they will still be encouraged to tidy up to the best of their abilities.

We will then gather on the carpets to share a story and say goodbye.


3.05- 3.15

Parents/carers collect children.

The routine is subject to change depending on the needs of the children.



We ask all parents to provide suitable clothing each day to ensure your child is able to participate fully in nursery life. Wellington boots, hats and gloves are essential in the winter months. Please also provide spare set of clothes, in case your child needs changing during the session. For those potty training, or recently trained we ask for a minimum of two spare sets please. Nursery is really exciting, with lots to explore and it is very easy and usual for the children to forget to use the toilet or leave it until it’s a bit too late!


Toddlers of this age love to take ownership of their things, it’s really exciting for them to have their own nursery bag, with spare clothes in and a special peg to put it on.

We will provide the peg, if you provide the bag and clothes – thank you.


Comfort objects

We know that children of this age can get very attached to their comforters. We are more than happy for the children to bring these in, in fact we highly recommend that they do.                                 

Once they become more familiar and settled at nursery we will encourage them to keep them safe by putting them into their bags. PLEASE remember to label your child’s belongings, especially their comfort items, we know how precious they are.


If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Hayley on:

07985743617/ 01235 813304 or


We look forward to welcoming you all in September for a new adventure!