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Tomorrow’s success starts today



Welcome to Tadpoles


Welcome to Tadpoles.  The Nursery Class is taught by Tasha Evans, Jo Woodley, Paige Mace, Vicky Tullett, and Ellie Dye.  We have two sessions; morning 8.30 – 11.30 and afternoon 12.15 – 3.15.


Our topics are led from the children’s interests and based around classic storytelling books, the seasons and festivals.  This term our first books that we are studying are The Reluctant Dragon, St George and the Dragon and The Paperbag Princess.



We love to read, join in with stories, sing songs, recite nursery rhymes and dance as well as explore our indoor and outdoor environment.  The classroom is set up so the children can independently explore the activities within the EYFS areas of learning.


Snack time is a focal point of each session where the children are given a choice of water or milk which they help themselves to as well as the fruit/carrot.  We sit in our key groups and this has been a great time for conversation with their key worker and each other.  



On Monday we have PE in the school hall for both morning and afternoon children.  We do not get changed for PE, but will be working towards being independent with taking our shoes and socks on and off. 


The outdoor area is also carefully planned and resourced, the children enjoy the sand pit, vehicles, the climbing wall as well as a wide range of large and small scale equipment and toys.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Forest School Friday.                                                    This term the children are exploring our Forest School site within the school grounds, playing games, hunting for insects and enjoying hot chocolate and snacks.   The children should wear comfortable clothes, long sleeves and leggings/trousers are ideal.  

If your child has wellies please bring them on a  Friday, although we do have spares for any children without.





Afternoon session



8.30 – 8.45

12.15 – 12.30

Parents/Carers bring children into the nursery.  Each child is encouraged to self-register by recognising their name card and placing it into the initial letter alphabet box.  Adults can then settle their child into the classroom to an activity by joining in.

8.45 – 8.55

12.35 – 12.45

Tidy up initial activity, gather on the carpet to sing our hello song, Choose our special helper; count the number of children; day of the week; daily routine. Explain new activities/challenges.

8.55 – 9.15

12.45 – 1.05

Group time with key worker, (3 groups.) Focus stories chosen reflect the children’s interests and activities.

9.15 – 10.55

1.05 – 2.30

Child initiated play inside and outside.  The children have full access to both areas and can move freely between them during this time.  Self-service snack is open at this time, children collect their name card; wash their hands helping themselves to milk or water and the fruit of the day. The environments are resourced based on the children’s interests at that time and around the story we are reading. Planning can be found inside the nursery on the planning board and parents are encouraged to contribute ideas and observations by using the post it notes.

Adults have a focus based on the needs of the children and support children’s learning by questioning, shared thinking, collaborating, challenging and problem solving.

10.55 – 11.05

2.30 – 2.40

Tidy up all areas, the children are encouraged to work as a team - ‘Team Tadpole’s’ looking after and taking responsibility for their environment.

11.05 – 11.25

2.40 – 3.00

Group time with key worker (3 groups.) Planning for group time is based on children’s needs and interests. Activities include Spirals language, maths and circle time.

11.25 – 11.30

3.00 – 3.05

Reflection and goodbye song. Parents/carers collect children.

11.40 – 12.15


Wrap around children wash hands and go to the hall to have lunch.




Children are encouraged to be independent by taking their shoes and socks off/on at the beginning/end of this session.



Alternate weeks the library bus visits school.  Each key group takes it in turns to hear a story and borrow a selection of books to take back into school.



Forest School.  The children are encouraged to be independent in dressing themselves in the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. 

Tadpoles’ Philosophy

What we believe is important to our children.


Forest School

A wealth of outdoor learning opportunities.  A chance for every child to play, explore and make sense of the world around them.


A rich and enabling environment

Open ended activities to allow children to explore resources to challenge themselves as well as be challenged.


A safe and secure place to learn

Clear boundaries and rules are explored with the children so they understand why they are in place promoting confidence and security.

‘If a child feels security and love they can be happy, if a child is happy, they can learn’  Willowcroft EYFS staff 2014.


The adults

The staff are facilitators for learning, where adults and children learn alongside each other.  Adults listen to children and work together.  We do this through Sustained Shared Thinking.  (For further detail please see the link below)



Child initiated play

Fostering positive attitudes to learning and developing children's ability to plan their own learning experiences.


Key worker approach

The key worker approach is an effective way of enabling you and your child to develop a strong relationship with a significant adult in the nursery.  The adult is responsible for documenting and fostering your child’s development including emotional welfare, next steps and learning journey, which you have access to at all times.


Parents as Partners

We understand the importance of parents in their role as prime educators and work with parents to build on home experiences and learning to plan next steps. We host 'stay and plays' once a term for Parents/Grandparents where all are invited to share the nursery experience alongside their child.  In addition we hold information/teaching sessions so that parents can understand our strategies and policies.



Nursery Staff

Nursery Staff 1 Nursery Practitioner
Nursery Staff 2 Early Years Assistant
Nursery Staff 3 Early Years Assistant
Nursery Staff 4 Early Years Assistant
Nursery Staff 5 Ellie Dye - Early Years Apprentice

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Sustained Shared Thinking