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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Welcome to Squirrels


The Squirrels class are taught by Mrs Placentino and supported by Ms Johnson.

Rangoli chalk patterns

Welcome to Squirrels Class  


How do we learn?

We are a Year 1 play based classroom. We have daily Literacy, Maths and Phonic lessons. We learn by being independent learners and taking control of our learning when we have exploring time.


Where do I learn?

During exploring time you have access to our Squirrel classroom, the Hedgehog classroom, the creative area and the garden. In each area there are specific activities for you to complete based on our topic.


Who helps us to learn?

Mrs Placentino is our main classroom teacher, she works Monday to Thursday.  Our full time classroom teaching assistant is Ms Johnson.  On a Friday Squirrels are taught by Mr. Williams (no relation to Mrs Williams in Hedgehogs!).  Mrs Williams and Mrs Hutchins are the teacher and teaching assistant in Hedgehogs. Mrs Axenderrie and Mrs Hammond will also be working with small groups and individual children across KS1.


Learning and teaching

In Squirrels we really encourage reading.  This includes reading a class book, but also includes reading library books, comics, newspapers and anything else they enjoy. The most important thing is to encourage a love for reading.  Children who enjoy reading are usually better readers and writers. Each child is also given a ‘Bug Club’ login. This enables children to read e-books on the internet.


We also have logins to access ‘My Math’s’ which is an online website which has maths challenges linked to your class room topic.

Usernames and passwords have been given out, if you lose it I can print it out again for you, please just ask.


Other curriculum subjects such as Science, Geography, History, Art, DT, Music and Computing are taught through topic work sometimes during exploring time and sometimes as discreet lessons.  


Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school every day. We suggest they leave them in school for the whole term.


Each fortnight we contribute to the school newsletter, letting you know what we have been doing in class and ways you can support this learning at home. 


If you have any questions please feel free to pop in and see Mrs Placentino




Our topic this term is 'Celebrations'.

Our role play area is now set up as a birthday party, offering children opportunities to learn through play.  Children are encouraged to write for a purpose; writing invitations, party food lists, present lists and thankyou cards.  Maths opportunities include counting out cups, plates, cakes and candles.  Early multiplication concepts are explored; if 5 children are coming to the party how many cups are needed? 5x1=5.  If each child has 2 cakes, how many cakes are needed altogether? 5x2=10.  Children can consolidate their learning of addition and subtraction facts, e.g. There were 10 cakes and 3 have been eaten, how many are left? 10-3=7


Over the term we will be learning about various festivals including 'Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night', Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.  We will be finding out about the origins of these events and the stories that are told.  We will be doing various art activities such as firework painting (Jackson Pollock inspired!), making clay divas for Diwali, Christmas arts and crafts and practising for our Christmas play!