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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Term 3

Happy New Year to our Robins and families and welcome back to Term 3.


We are starting this term with a real WOW-event as a giant, inflatable science dome arrives to show us dinosaurs in 3D!  Our whole-school topic is Night at the Museum and we have added ...with dinosaurs as that's our focus. This obviously covers history, but also Geography, Science and English.  We are hoping to visit a museum later in the term if possible and design our own new species of prehistoric creature!


In English this term we are beginning with a bit of creative, descriptive writing about a robin flying back home after winter. Then we are moving on to writing letters, museum labels and non-chronological reports - about dinosaurs of course!


Calculation is a main focus of Term 3 in Maths. As well as continuing to work on mental recall and use of addition and subtraction facts we will be learning new, more efficient ways to calculate sums, working with money and solving one and two-step word problems.


'Who eats who' is one of our main concerns in science, as we look at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and ask what animals need to survive. We will be looking around us and considering what is living, has lived or has never been alive and briefly going under the skin to investigate  skeletons.


History will not just be about dinosaurs; the children will also discover the amazing Mary Anning who, when she was not much older than they are now, became a famous fossil hunter who uncovered a whole dinosaur in Dorset.



PE is on Friday mornings. It's quite distressing for the children if they haven't got their kit and we don't have lots of spares. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD HAS WARM PE KIT IN SCHOOL EVERY WEEK.  We recommend leaving it at school for the whole term - it doesn't get too smelly and it means you don't have to think about it again.



Thank you to everyone who did some or all of our Christmas Reading Challenge. From feedback so far it seems to have been fun and it will definitely have supported your child's reading progress. The children are making so much progress when they read at home, it really is the most important part of the curriculum at this age.



If you didn't get around to the challenge at Christmas, make it a New Year's resolution to hear your child read and share stories with them at least 3 times a week this term. It is a real investment in their future school success.  


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