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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Welcome to Raven Class



This year the Ravens will be taught by Mrs Brown and supported by Mrs Epton. We are a Year 6 class and Mrs Brown has an exciting year ahead planned for us. We have an open door policy and if for any reason you need to talk to either myself or Mrs Epton, you will always find me outside class at 8.30am. Please come and have a chat and say hello. 



I will hand out spellings each week and I expect the children to make a real effort to learn them. They will have a spelling challenge at the end of the week and we always try to up our scores. My Maths homework is set every week. If you lose your log in, please come and see me and I will print you out another. The children count daily, and I would really appreciate your help with their times tables. The more they count at home, the easier it becomes in class. Alongside My Maths, there are some excellent resources available on BBC Bitesize. I have attached the link to the bottom of this page. 




Term 1 - One World

We will be thinking about recycling this term. Our topic will be based in the UK and we will make comparisons with India. Mrs Brown has organised a trip to see how we waste and reuse our water. More details will follow at the beginning of term. We have a Bollywood day planned for the second week of term and I cannot wait to see the children (and Mrs Epton) throw some new shapes! 

The children will be thinking about how as a school, we can re-use the everyday items we throw away. This is a whole school challenge which will be judged at the end of Term 1. 

We will be making our own items of clothing during DT and wearing them to make sure they are fit for purpose! It will be a brilliant start to a very busy year.



During Term 1 we will be thinking about place value. I want us to start the year with secure methods ready for SATs in May. We will be ensuring our 4 main methods (column addition, column subtraction, grid method and bus stop) are super secure. Could I please ask that you support the children with their methods and times tables. 10 minutes a night will go such a long way in helping them keep their mathematical minds sharp. 



Our whole class book this term will be Trash. Out Literacy lessons will be based around the book and looking into the vocabulary and language. We love to step out and map stories to make our Literacy lessons as creative as possible. I love seeing how the children interpret the stories and I hope, as we begin to close the book, they come up with some extraordinary endings! 



PE this term will be on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Parish. The children will need to be prepared to be on the field, so I advise you to pack them with indoor and outdoor trainers. In the colder months we will still go outside where possible so please include track suit bottoms and a jumper. 


I do love to take lots of photos, so please pop back to our page as often as possible to see what we have been up to. 










Positive Growth Mind Set during SATs.