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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today



Wow, what an amazing week! The children have been so open to trying everything and I can honestly say they have blown my mind with their hidden abilities. Who knew Amy could rock climb quicker than Spiderman! Who knew Jamie could steer a canoe without being told how? I could go on and on! The children have all learned something new and most importantly they have learned more about themselves and each other. They have tried new foods, been independent in organising their equipment every day, faced some huge fears and grown that little bit taller. I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to come on this journey with them and can't wait to see how they put all these new skills into practice over the coming year. 

Mr Doman and Mrs Hemery wow The Playhouse!

Still image for this video
Mr Doman and Mrs Hemery had a sing off on stage today during our annual visit to The Oxford Playhouse. It was boys verses the girls and I think Mrs Hemery brought it home for the ladies! We all had a fantastic day and it has most definitely got us ready for Christmas.

Week of Inspirational Maths

Today I posed a very important question to the Ravens, and as always, they blew me away with their answers. As a tight knit class, we sometimes fall out with those closest to us. We say things we don't mean and we lose our temper. We have our good days and our bad days, but ultimately, when we are down we know who we can go to cheer us up again. Sometimes we forget though, so today we tried to remember. Thank you Ravens for cheering Mrs Brown up with your replies. Here are but a few...

What is Friendship?

What is Friendship? 1
What is Friendship? 2
What is Friendship? 3

How do I breathe?

Today Year 6 had our first Yoga lesson. We were taught how to breathe and played some fantastic games to regulate our breathing. We have learnt how to pose and move from warrior 1 to downward dog. We are very excited for next week. 

We didnt realise how tired we would be afterwards and some of us fancied a sleep! 

Mrs Manoj helps us celebrate Diwali

Mrs Manoj helps us celebrate Diwali 1
Mrs Manoj helps us celebrate Diwali 2
Mrs Manoj helps us celebrate Diwali 3

The Ravens spotted something peculiar in the sky today - and it appears to have been caused by Hurricane Ophelia.


According to the Met Office, the red sun is caused by winds pulling up Saharan dust.

This dust is then reflected and refracted in longer wavelengths, giving a red appearance to the sky. Some areas have been forced to turn on street lights in the middle of the day as the dust partially blocked out the sun.


This then led to a very interesting lesson on air pollution where we mixed food colouring that represented the different types of air pollution we had been responsible for in the last 24 hours. We hypothesised that our water would be clean… this was the result.

Red Sky at Night...

Red Sky at Night... 1
Red Sky at Night... 2
Red Sky at Night... 3

Diwali Thursday 19th October 2017


As part of our One World Topic, the Ravens and Falcons have been coming up with ideas about how to save our planet, but more specifically we have started looking at the differences between India and the UK.

With the upcoming Diwali Festival, we would like the children to celebrate India and all that we have learned by having a sharing day. We are asking the children to dress up and come in and teach each other all they have learned. Could I please ask all children bring in something in to share. It could be anything from an onion bhaji to an Indian ready meal. I will provide a selection of Indian foods, but the day will be more successful with your help. I will have the oven all day and will be cooking. Anything is appreciated, we have 48 hungry mouths to feed in Year 6 and I want them all to have a taste of something. Please remember we are a nut free school. Can you ensure you check the packaging for nuts and nut oils.

Furthermore, I am delighted that Mrs Manoj will be joining us for the day and will be decorating our hands with traditional Henna. The Henna will last around 1-4 weeks but that is dependent upon how often your child’s hands are washed. The Henna will fade and this can be aided with the help of an exfoliator.


For Health and Safety reasons I will need permission from all parents who wish for their child to have henna applied to their hands. Without consent, your child cannot have Henna applied. Please pick up a consent form from the office.


If you have any questions about the day, please come and see either myself or Mr Doman.

Many thanks for your continued support and I hope the children really enjoy the day we have lined up for them.



We might be Ravens but we swim like fish!

We might be Ravens but we swim like fish! 1
We might be Ravens but we swim like fish! 2
We might be Ravens but we swim like fish! 3

A Day Making Poop Soup at Didcot Sewer Works.

Joe Wicks and Bollywood Dancing!

Joe Wicks and Bollywood Dancing! 1
Joe Wicks and Bollywood Dancing! 2
Joe Wicks and Bollywood Dancing! 3

Welcome to Raven Class



This year the Ravens will be taught by Mrs Brown and supported by Mrs Epton. We are a Year 6 class and Mrs Brown has an exciting year ahead planned for us. We have an open door policy and if for any reason you need to talk to either myself or Mrs Epton, you will always find me outside class at 8.30am. Please come and have a chat and say hello. 



I will hand out spellings each week and I expect the children to make a real effort to learn them. They will have a spelling challenge at the end of the week and we always try to up our scores. My Maths homework is set every week. If you lose your log in, please come and see me and I will print you out another. The children count daily, and I would really appreciate your help with their times tables. The more they count at home, the easier it becomes in class. Alongside My Maths, there are some excellent resources available on BBC Bitesize. I have attached the link to the bottom of this page. 


Term 1 - One World

We will be thinking about recycling this term. Our topic will be based in the UK and we will make comparisons with India. Mrs Brown has organised a trip to see how we waste and reuse our water. More details will follow at the beginning of term. We have a Bollywood day planned for the second week of term and I cannot wait to see the children (and Mrs Epton) throw some new shapes! 

The children will be thinking about how as a school, we can re-use the everyday items we throw away. This is a whole school challenge which will be judged at the end of Term 1. 

We will be making our own items of clothing during DT and wearing them to make sure they are fit for purpose! It will be a brilliant start to a very busy year.


Term 2 - The Victorians

Term 2 will be all about the Victorians! We will live, eat and breath Victorian Britain. We will be looking at the art, in particular William Morris and if we have time, 

L.S  Lowry. We will be creating our own patterns and the finished product should be outstanding. We will be thinking about the Victorian school day and nearer the end of term the children will get to recreate it. The Year 5 and 6 teachers are very excited about this! The children will be in for a huge shock...

During Literacy we will focus our reading and writing on "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. As well as reading the book we will be writing our own chapters and taking a deeper look into the themes that run throughout it. 

During Maths we will be looking at multiplication and division and how we solve word problems. 

It should be an exciting term, with the added extra of our carol concert. We will be performing this on Thursday 14th December at 5:30pm. Ticket details will be released nearer the time. 


Term 3

This terms whole school topic is "The Future is Bright". We want our children to aim higher and we thought there is no better way than showing them what is out there! We have lined up visits from Olympic athletes, scientists, authors and vets, plus many more. We are always on the look out for more, so if you know anyone with an unusual job please let me know. 

During Maths we will be thinking about fractions. As always we will still concentrate on our 4 main methods but two thirds of our learning will be focused on finding the correct fraction. 

Literacy will be based around autobiographies. We will mainly be looking at the rise of athletes and what it took to get them where they are today. Although the term is short, as always, it will be jam packed full of learning!



PE this term will be on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Parish. The children will need to be prepared to be on the field, so I advise you to pack them with indoor and outdoor trainers. In the colder months we will still go outside where possible so please include track suit bottoms and a jumper. 

On Thursday afternoons we are continuing yoga and mindfulness lessons. I hope these will be invaluable to the children's well being and I will keep you updated on our progress. 


I do love to take lots of photos, so please pop back to our page as often as possible to see what we have been up to. 










What Will We Wonder This Week?

Acting out Explanation Texts

Positive Growth Mind Set during SATs.