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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


The Secret Garden

Term 5 starts back on Monday 16th April. 


This half-term our topic will be The Secret Garden. The children will be learning all about the environment. We will be looking at plants and the countries in which they originate. In science we will be learning about the different parts of the plant and what plants need to grow.


In Art we will be observing and making real-life sketches of the flowers and world around us.


Important Dates:

Thursday 26th April - Rabbits start swimming!


Monday 7th May - May Bank Holiday!


Friday 25th May - Break up 3pm.

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Welcome to Rabbits!


This year Rabbits is taught by Miss Burton and supported by Mrs Oglesby.

Term 4

Term 4 starts back on Monday 19th February 2018.


We will be starting the new half term with a whole school Science day. We are very luck to have James Boffin, a visitor from Science Head Quarters, come to run science activities with the classes - including a rocket launch on the playground after school!!


This links very closely to our new topic which will be SPACE!


We will be creating our own rockets in DT, so please collect any spare empty bottles and bring them into school so we can turn them into our own spaceships!


Term 3

Happy New Year!


Term 3 starts back on Thursday 4th January 2018.

 Please make sure your child brings their reading record and reading book back into school (in order to receive "Golden Time" the children need to read at least 10 times over the Christmas holidays)


PE kits should also be brought into school ready for PE on Fridays. 


Our topic for the term will be: "When I grow up". The children will be discussing who inspires them and will be thinking about their future goals. 

This half term our topic is ... One World!

Rabbits class will be looking and learning about the many countries within our world and the different climates and weather conditions.


Recycling will also be looked at and how this can really help to look after our world. We will be collecting and using recycled materials to create 3D models and pieces of clothing within our DT lessons.





Important notices!

It is essential that children read at home on a regular basis.

Every child has their own reading record and reading book.

In order to receive "Golden Time" on a Thursday afternoon, you child must have read at least 4 times at home in the past week. This must be recorded within their reading record and signed by an adult.


The children are responsible for changing their own reading books at school and should know what type of book they should be reading.


Spellings are handed out every Thursday into their spelling books. Please encourage and test your child on their spellings, reading for a test the following week.