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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today


Welcome to Otters!


This year Otters class teacher will be Miss Hook and Mrs Eggleton-Gibbs will be our fantastic teaching assistant.


If you have any queries or concerns please to not hesitate to ask. The classroom door will be open from 8:30am and I will also be available to speak to after school.




In Otters class we always try our very best, never give up and

we love a challenge!

Term 6

This term our topic is Volcanoes! The children are going to be learning about different types of volcanoes around the world. We have a trip to the beach booked. Otters class will be doing forest school on Wednesdays this term.






Term 5

This term we have a whole school topic on Carnival! The children will be making masks and learning about different carnivals around the world! Otters class will be doing forest school on Tuesdays this term.

Term 4


This term our topic is chocolate! We are going to be learning all about where chocolate comes from, how it is made, Fair trade and about the Aztecs. We also have a trip to Cadbury World on Tuesday in Week 2, which the children are already very excited for! (Including us adults!)


For our first morning back at school today, we set up a 'Welcome to the Chocolate Factory' morning where the children tasted different types of chocolate, played a chocolate game, designed their own chocolate bars and completed other chocolate related activities.


In Maths we are going to be looking at scaling, measuring lengths, money and time. In Literacy we are reading a chocolate adventure story and we will be writing some chocolate themed instructions.


We had a lovely day at Cadbury World. Otters were all incredibly well behaved and did both their parents and the school proud. We got some different chocolate to try, melted chocolate mixed with their marshmallows, jelly babies or biscuit crumbs, we wrote our name in chocolate, watched chocolate cool down and solidify, learnt all about Cadbury World and the history of chocolate, learnt about how chocolate is made and enjoyed a trip to the shop at the end of the day! I've added a couple of pictures of the children below :)











World Book Day :)


Thank you parents for all the fantastic costumes!


At Platform 9 3/4 ready for our first day at Hogwarts!

























Listening to a story from Megan who plays Maud Spellbody in The Worst Witch



Enjoying a singing workshop from song writer Nick Cope


Term 3:


Vicious Vikings!


This half term our topic is the Vikings. This week (first week back) the children have played a Viking trading game, looked at Viking clothing and designed their own Viking shields. Later in the term we are going to be making Viking shields, if you have any cardboard at home it would be fantastic if the children would bring it into school for us to make our shields out of! They are already really enjoying our new topic and are full of questions about it.


In Maths we are studying multiplication and division. The children will be working on their times table knowledge and learning written methods to multiply and divide.


In Literacy we have been reading The Legend of Beowulf. This week the children have stepped out and story mapped the story and have written their own spine poems about the terrible monster Grendel. The children have really enjoyed all the goriness of this story!



Here are some pictures of the children playing the Viking trading game!




End of Autumn Term


We've had a fantastic first term in Otters Class and I've really enjoyed teaching all of the children. This week they have been super excited for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the two weeks off but will miss the children loads! I hope everyone has a great Christmas break! :)


Here are some pictures of the children baking gingerbread and of them cracking the code to Escape Santa's Grotto!












Term 2:


Amazing Africa


This term our topic is Amazing Africa. We have an African Drumming Workshop booked for the children to take part in. We are going to be learning all about the continent Africa and what life is like there.


In Science we are going to be learning about the digestive system and its different parts.



In Literacy we are reading a story called 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'. We will be writing our own stories using this.


In Maths we are going to be doing Addition and Subtraction.


As well as busy topics, the children will be going to Forest School this term.

There will be 2 groups and each group will alternate every week on a Wednesday afternoon. Your child has received a letter with the dates that they will be attending.  Please remember to bring to school suitable clothing for outdoors!


Important Dates!

Parents Evenings  - November 7th and 8th

KS2 Cinema Trip - Wednesday 14th November

Children in Need - Friday 16th November

INSET DAY - Monday 19th November

Christmas Fayre - Friday 7th December

Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 14th December

BREAK UP 1PM FINISH - Thursday 20th December

Term 1:


Health and Happiness


This half term our topic has been Health and Happiness. In Science we have been learning about the human body - why our skeleton is important and how our muscles work. We have also looked at the Eatwell plate and what a balanced diet looks like. The children came up with some interesting suggestions about foods they 'weren't allowed' to eat to be healthy and we discussed how it is about having a balance! The children designed their own healthy meal plate.


On Tuesday afternoons we have had a special coach come into school and help us to learn some of the Badminton skills. The children have worked really hard on, hitting the ball, lunging for the ball and improving their hand-eye co-ordination!


We have also been trying to do the daily mile on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (days when we don't have PE)



In Literacy we have been looking at a story called 'The Dot'. The children have written their own versions of the story and have written a newspaper recount to report on part of the story. We have learnt how to include inverted commas and quotes in our writing.



In maths this term we have looked at place value. The children have been doing lots of work on hundreds, tens and units. We have ordered numbers, compared numbers, written numbers in words, rounded numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, looked at number sequences, found 10/100 more/less than a given number, placed numbers on a number line, represented numbers in different ways and solved many reasoning problems involving these skills.


Daily reading is essential to develop understanding and comprehension in ALL subjects. Every Otter should be reading each evening: they could read independently; to a sibling or parent; or to any very kind adult! Each Otter has their own Reading Record, they should use this to record in every time they read outside of school.

The children are responsible for changing their own reading books at school and should know what type of book they should be reading.

If your child reads at least four times a week they get a raffle ticket in a special pot for a draw at the end of each half term. Please help your child remember to bring their reading record and current reading book to school everyday.

Now the children are in Year 3, they are able to write in their reading records themselves to record reading they have done at home!



PE Kits:

It is really important that your child has their PE kit in school at all times. It is best to bring it into school on the first day of term and keep it in for the duration (we will send it home if it needs a wash). We often have special guest visitors coming into school to teach exciting PE lessons so every child needs their kit. At the moment, we have PE on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Every otter has been given a MyMaths login and password, this will allow them to go onto the MyMaths website and complete their allocated homework tasks. Each task will have a date due in, but if your child would like an extension or wants even more maths activities then please let me know.