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Tomorrow’s success starts today

House Points

Willowcroft House Points System


We have four school houses that represent Forest animals, linked to our strong links with the Forest School Curriculum. The house are: 

Den (Red)

Lair (Blue)

Burrow (Green)

Hive (Yellow)


The children all belong to one of the Houses, along with their older or younger siblings. All staff in school also belong to a house as well. Children and adults  can be given House Points by any of the staff working in the school. These special points come in the form of a ticket which the children are given. At the end of each week, children put their tickets in to their House Box at the front of the school. The tickets are counted each week and the result is published on the website so you are able to check up on who has performed the best over the course of the week. 


Also during the Monday assembly, our House Captains will draw a winning ticket for each house. The weekly winner of each house is awarded with a 'Willowcroft Pencil Case'.  


House Points are awarded for:


·       Being polite and helpful to others

·       Working hard in a team

·       Being a good friend

·       Setting a good example to others in my work and behaviour

·       Fantastic Behaviour

·       Holding doors for children and adults

·       Sitting well in assembly

·       Walking sensibly around school

·       Playing nicely at Break and Lunchtime



Throughout the year we will be running a number of house events that allow children of all ages to mix together and build strong relationships with their peers. We will inform parents of events as the year progresses.