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Tomorrow’s success starts today
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Tomorrow’s success starts today



On Monday we had the opportunity to play some golf! We really enjoyed learning about the different techniques and tried very hard to get the ball to the target. Despite the windy weather we had really good fun and enjoyed ourselves!



Term 6

WOW! Our final term of the year is here!  Term 6 is the busiest term for Badgers so far!

Please ensure you regularly check our page and classroom whiteboard to check up on events and important information! 


Tuesdays - PE kits are needed. The children will be having PE with Mr Parish in the afternoon. Now the weather is starting to get better, PE will most likely be outside. Please remember to send your child to school with a FULL Willowcroft PE kit, including trainers.


Wednesdays - Forest School. The children will be split into two equal groups going alternative weeks for the whole of the morning. Please find below your child's group and dates of Forest School. As the groups are small, the children will likely go off campus so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for all weathers!


Group 1 7/6/17,  28/6/17,  12/7/17 

Group 2  14/6/17, 5/7/17, 19/7/17 



 Lilly –Ella B 



















Evie- Rose 

Lilly-Ella G 



Evie C  




Thursdays - Swimming will continue weekly in the mornings so please don't forget your swimming kits. 


Important dates (details at a later date)


SPORTS DAY: 12th June. 


BEACH TRIP: 21st June.



Vicious Vikings!

Badgers have been incredibly busy! We have really been getting our teeth into our Viking topic. We had a lovely visit on Monday from a real life Archaeologist who told us some real fun facts, like the difference between a male and female skull.

We have learnt how to write our Viking name in Runes and are starting to make our own shields!


We are currently planning to invade the rest of Willowcroft School in the last week of term but ssshhhh no one is allowed to know our plans yet! 






Thank-you so much for all of your hard work and effort with your dragons over the Easter holidays (especially to parents!)

Our classroom now looks amazing!! 


Please feel free to pop in to see our scary dragons, they breathe fire if you step too close......









Term 5 

School starts back on Monday 24th April. Please be ready to return to school with your reading records and homework (especially as rewards are giving for effort at home!)


This term Badgers have Forest School on Tuesday afternoons. Please ensure your child comes to school with suitable clothes that they don't mind getting muddy, wellies are recommended. 


Swimming starts on Thursday 18th May and will continue every Thursday until 8th July. Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit to school, every child will be going swimming and we can provide spare swimming kits if needed!


Girls need swimming costume (no bikinis), swimming cap, towel, waterproof bag.

Boys need swimming trunks (no long shorts), swimming cap, towel, waterproof bag.


 Please note goggles are only allowed if you bring in a note to Miss Holliday giving your child permission.


 We will be walking to The Wave in all weather so please ensure your child also brings a coat to school.



In Term 5 we will be carrying out another whole school topic. "Here be Dragons".

 In Badger class we have already noticed that a cheeky dragon has been into our classroom and left footprints!!! 

We will be reading the book "The Reluctant Dragon" and doing lots of exciting dragon themed activities!!




Maths fun!

In Maths we have been continuing to work upon our multiplication and division skills. We had a really fun lesson where we had to share out sweets equally on our tables! Miss Holliday was hungry so joined our tables which meant we had to recount and share them out again!

We then had to take out certain colours like red and green and see how this would affect our equal shares! 



Planting Potatoes!

Our potatoes have now been planted into our grow bags, these can be found outside our classroom on top of the pallet. Please try not to touch our potatoes as they are very delicate and we have worked very hard to plant them!






Term 4

Thank-you so much for all the effort that Badger class put into their fancy dress for World Book Day! It was amazing to see so many different characters from  Harry Potter to the Demon Dentist.  Minnie Mouse  even appeared in the form of Miss Holliday (squeek squeek).


So far this term we have been focusing more upon our topic of 'Spring Fever' and currently are chitting our potatoes! We have been checking up on them regularly and we hope they will be ready to be planted soon!





Dates to remember: Monday 13th March,  2-3pm =  Stay and Play.   You are more than welcome to join us in class for some fun arty Spring activities.  :) 


Tuesday 14th March = PTA Mothers Day secret shopping.





There is no Forest School this term so PE resumes as normal on Tuesday afternoon with Mr Parish.



This term our new topic is "Spring Fever". We will be looking at plants, flowers and all things to do with Spring! Please discuss and talk to your child about what Spring means to you.


Important dates 

On Monday 27th  February, there will be an INSET day.  


Parents evenings are on Tuesday 28th February and Wednesday 1st March. Sign up sheets will available at reception nearer the time.


WORLD BOOK DAY is on Thursday 2nd March.






We are coming to the end of Term 3 (that went very quickly!!) Miss Holliday is very impressed with how hard Badgers have worked this term, lets keep up the good work for next term!




"Eggs-ellent" fun!


We have been experimenting in Science to try and find which drink is best and worst for our teeth!  We have placed eggs into different liquids that we drink. Every day we have been making observations on the eggs! We really like discussing and talking about the changes that have happened.





Fiitball Fun!


This week in Badger's we have enjoyed learning how to play a new sport called Fiitball.  We found it very similar to Netball and were soon able to work together in our terms to score some goals!


This week we have started to learn about our teeth and why they are important. Miss Holliday was very impressed with the amount of children who remember to brush their teeth twice a day!



Term 3

School returns on Wednesday 4th January 2017. Please remember to return to school with your completed homework and your reading records. (Try and read at least 8 times and get your reading record signed by an adult)


There is no Forest School in term 3, so please remember to bring in your full PE kits for Tuesdays. 

Next term we will be continuing to look at measurements in maths and will be starting our brand new topic called, 'All Things Winged and Wonderful'.



Well done Badger's for surviving this very busy, hectic term. Christmas is finally upon us!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year and Santa delivers you lots of presents that you all deserve! Have a lovely rest and come back ready to work hard again in January!


Working hard!

This week in Badger's we have been continuing to work really hard especially in Science. We had a really fun Science day on Monday where we learnt all about Electricity! Our favourite part was when we got to create our own circuits. We now all realise the importance of electricity and how much we take for granted on an everyday basis! Check out our cool circuits....


This week in Badger class we have been very busy!! We had a lovely visit from an Olympian at the start of the week and were very lucky  to see their gold medal!! We had lots of fun playing badminton and learnt cool tips! 

In Topic we have been continuing to look at our town, Didcot! We could not believe how different the shops used to look and how many people used to live in Didcot, compared to now!

In Maths we have been trying so hard and have been continuing to challenge ourselves by  adding and subtracting large numbers in our heads!! 

On Thursday we were also very lucky to have the Mayor pop in and say hello! He was very friendly and answered many of our questions about Didcot.



Term 2

Hello and a warm welcome back to school! I hope you have had a well deserved rest and are ready for our next busy term!

This term Badger's will be having Forest School on Tuesday afternoons - can you ensure your child brings to school suitable and appropriate clothing please, especially as the weather is starting to get colder.

PE kits should also be in school every week. 


Parent teacher interviews are on the 8th and 9th November. Please ensure you have signed up for a time at reception, if not please come and speak to me about when is best for you, if you can not make these dates.





Amazing Africa!

This week in Badger class we have loved finding out more information about Africa. We have been looking at African tribes and have had a go at designing our own African tribal masks.

We have also enjoyed researching on the iPads about Nelson Mandela and created fun fact files about him!








Badger News!


This weeks in Badgers we had lots of fun celebrating Roald Dahl's birthday! We dressed up as our favourite characters and even attended a Roald Dahl party, where we played games, made arts and crafts and even tasted some snozzcumber and frobscottle!


We have been continuing to read James and the Giant Peach in our literacy lessons and have enjoyed describing all of the fantastic characters! We even got to go into the reading tent and relax on the cushions whilst listening to the story.









Welcome to Badgers

Hello and welcome to the Badger class who will be taught by Miss Holliday and supported by Mrs Oglesby this year.  We are very friendly and welcoming so feel free to pop in and introduce yourself before or after school.


This term Badgers will be learning about the topic 'Amazing Africa'. So far we have looked at where Africa is in the world and learnt the names of many countries within Africa.


PE this term is on Mondays and Tuesdays so it is vital you remember to bring in your full PE kits. Forest School is not this term.


The second week of term the school is celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th birthday which will involve lots of fun activities and games. On Tuesday 13th September we will be having a Dahl-tastic dress up day! Please come to school as your favourite Roald Dahl character. Miss Holliday will be a witch!


On Thursday afternoon we will also be having a Roald Dahl party in Badger class where we will be playing games, making crafts and even trying some Snozzcumber sandwiches!